Monday, November 22, 2010

Eric Clapton — River Of Tears lyrics

This song reminds me of you...

Eric Clapton
It's three miles to the river that would carry me away, and two miles to the dusty street that I saw you on today.  It's four miles to my lonely room where I will hide my face, And about half a mile to the downtown bar that I ran from in disgrace.Lord, how long have I got to keep on running,Seven hours, seven days or seven years? All I know is, since you've been gone I feel like I'm drowning in a river, Drowning in a river of tears.Drowning in a river.Feel like I'm drowning,Drowning in a river. In three more days, I'll leave this town and disappear without a trace. A year from now, maybe settle down where no one knows my face. I wish that I could hold you one more time to ease the pain,But my time's run out and I got to go,Got to run away again. Still I catch myself thinking,One day I'll find my way back here. You'll save me from drowning, Drowning in a river,Drowning in a river of tears. Drowning in a river. Feels like I'm drowning, Drowning in the river. Lord, how long must this go on? Drowning in a river,Drowning in a river of tears. River Of Tears lyrics

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